SVS1 – The first sampler.

So this is it. It´s our first physical output.
We really worked hard on this one, so please take your time and have a close listen. Every song has it´s own perspective. And every song, most of them collaborations, wouldn´t ever have seen the light of the day without a lot of effort by a bunch of crazy musicians having a good time somewhere out of space, out of order. In the mountains.
It´s just a cutaway of whats happening there. Too much music to give it a listen any other moment than it´s first appearance, in this single little cottage out there in the Alps… Thanks to everyone who made this happen, year by year.

Big up to the artists and every involved person.
Thanks to Amir Sufi and the Mayolove crew.
To Paul Putzar, for the cover design and the refurbish of our webpage, and Pirmin Schneider to programm it.

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