SVS Release Show Review

Too bad, friendos, we did party a loot. But we completely failed to do the documentary… Sorry to all not attending: It was great. Every act was worth a visit. And we had seven of them. 3 Liveacts and 4 DJs.

Remi alias Le shoz opened it up with a raw funk soul and disco and brought it straight and fluently to some good housy stuff. Harry Jen as the first liveact got in the lead by breaking it down to some intelligent breaks and chords, sung on it looped himself, dubbed it until Andalog and Flo stepped into it and moved it to my first experience in live-Acid-house. A well-sequenced 303 combined with sick livedrums, some 909ish complements, some real Rhodeschords and Arpsynths on top of it. What a blast!!
Matthias Groß alias Zaquoir spotted it. He blew the audience away (virtually) with his Avant-Techno Post-Dubstep Set, awfully deep.
So thereafter, what could the DJs Tom2K, San Quentin and Bartellow do? Try to hold the level!! And they did, hehe.
No, being honest. We really enjoyed it. It was packed until we had to close, we gained enough to pay the rest of the pressing-costs of the doublevinyl – how nice is that???
Thanks to everybody – If you like a poster of the event (as the shown picture of this post), I still have some copys left at home. If you order the vinyl right here, send me a short message to put one in the parcel.

Unfortunate – the only pictures we got are from Harry Jen, the first liveact. Later we where to busy by drinking, talking and listening… ;)