It´s all over now… SVS12 a little review.

SVS12 is dead – long live SVS1.
Filed under pictures you´ll get a bunch of great pictures of this years SVS in at Bauernhaus Mellitz near Virgen, East Tyrol, Austria.. It´s been 12 days of a previously unexperienced chaining of our three goals: Outdoor leisure, real cohabit off the beaten track (party?) and productivity! A perfect balance of music production and irreplaceable (but recordable… hehe) moments of livemusic. Lot´s of great jams happened in a small place, some of them forever conserved on harddrive – to be edited…
Our next step will be doing a great job in promoting our first release! A 10-track double vinyl sampler coming out on Mayolove Music October 26th!!

And by the way: I´ve decided to switch to english, cause some participants and foreign readers complained about understanding nothing…

More news: currently we restructure this website together with Paul Putzar (design) and Pirmin Schneider (conversion) it´s gonna be more simple, more structured, more bloggy.

Speak soon!