SVS (Selbstversorgersound) is the title of the Munich born collective which translates to Self-Supporting Sound. It is a creative festival and it expresses the artists’ aspirations of freedom aside from much of the seemingly pre-fabricated templates, which often pressure artists to produce works in a specific manner.

Beni Brachtel (alias Bartellow) founded SVS in the year 2007 with the intention to create a melting pot for various artistic fields, so not only for musicians but also for actors, photographers and writers. The work sessions take place in late summer where the collective checks in every year at different chalets in the Alps. These locations are always secluded from urban influences with nature as balance and source of inspiration. The seclusion of the venue offers the participants space, freedom and on the other hand a solid platform for exchange and the development of particular ideas.

After releasing the compilation ‘SVS1’ on the Munich-based label Mayolove Music in the fall of 2012, which featured a selection of music created in the past few years, the desire to create an own label on which to release the own music independently, grew. Benedikt Brachtel and Daniel Hermann-Collini realized this idea late January 2013 founding the Label SVS Records (with distribution through Rough Trade), that pictures the music from the collective of SVS, also the progress of the annual work sessions.

The so-called Arbeitsphase or working-phase is designed to bring together many different people who would otherwise not meet in urban life and allow them, through the protection of the ‘home’ to live together. Both socially and artistically these intersections have proven to be fruitful. Not only have these alpine sessions proven to produce diverse and complex artistic output but also yield new friendships and collaborations.

This year’s working-phase will take place in the Badlechner Alm in the mountain region of Grimming, Steiermark, west of Schladming/Dachstein. The Cottage is in splendid isolation (at about 1000 m height surrounded by many peaks up to 2000 m and more) apart from deer at a close-by trough. The family responsible for the cottage live on an organic farm 4 km away and have already offered to supply us with fresh milk and eggs from their farm.